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“The thought of organising yourself to take your children out for the day more than once a week fills you with fear? You've purchased art and craft material but only begrudgingly allowed your children to take it out of the box once? Your idea of roleplay is to stick on a DVD and 'pretend we're at the cinema'? Then please grab yourself a cup of lukewarm tea, pull up any chair that is not covered in toys or mashed banana and realise that you are not alone. I am a slacker mum; I'm out and I'm proud.”

A humorous and touching collection of stories and short writing covering many aspects of motherhood from birth to the first day at school.

Includes the poems: ‘Dear Teacher’. ‘Nine Months’ and ‘I was going to be . . .’ as well as four new poems such as ‘The Mum Olympics’ and ‘Weaning by Limerick.’

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